Feb 7, 2010

Evaluate Your Most Important Resources- Part I

Non-profit organizations have unique challenges especially when it comes to marketing. Budgets are smaller, resources are limited and board members can be overly cautious. But there are a few things non-profits can do to make the most of their dollars. Knowing what resources you have along with having a clear definition of your goals can help. Consider your resources before directing your marketing initiatives.

Review your database – One of the most valuable resources non-profit organizations have is their own database. These are people who have been involved with your mission and your organization in some way. Take time to inspect your lists regularly. Ask yourself some questions about donors and volunteers. When was the last time you communicated to the entire list? Is the list still accurate? How is the list segmented? Can you add more fields or capture information in your database that will help you to send out more targeted messages to your constituents? Spending time learning as much as you can about your database is time wisely spent.
What other treasures will you find when you take inventory? More on my next post!

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