Feb 28, 2010

Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes II

Here are some more common mistakes non-profits make when it comes to marketing.

Not cross-promoting services or programs within target specific audiences: Many non-profits talk about one specific thing at a time and overlook mentioning their other programs or services. For example, a non-profit who offers addiction recovery services may also want to talk about other mental health or health care services offered. Organizational mission, what a donor’s contribution supports and how money is disbursed is also important information to communicate regularly and within appropriate promotional vehicles.

Overlooking web optimization: It’s tempting for non-profits to spend money on the bells and whistles of their website without making a commitment to optimize text and keywords for better search engine pick up. Having a great photo on the home page without thinking about how the copy on the home page impacts hits is a missed opportunity and can be costly in terms of visitors to the site. Think about who is searching for you and what they might type into a search engine. For example, if you work for an organization that services children with disabilities, you might want to consider having your home page include words such as “autism and children” or “kids with hearing impairments.”

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