Feb 20, 2010

Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes I

With so many balls in the air, directors of non-profits are faced with a variety of tasks sometimes making it difficult to do everything effectively and efficiently. However, with proper guidance and support, all marketing initiatives can be successful. 

One common mistake non-profits make when it comes to marketing is not having consistency.  Non-profit organizations, like all businesses, must have a cohesive brand identity. Organizational branding is extremely important and should be consistent from one program to another. Too often one program within an organization (perhaps because it has its own budget) develops its own promotional or communications material. Having one program appear as if it's part of an entirely different organization does not serve to promote the cause.

At the same time, in an attempt to save money, many non-profit organizations do not follow the proper organizational graphic standards. Colors, logos, and other graphic standards may be ignored, causing a loss of brand identity. Good branding is a precious commodity for every business and non-profit organization.

Brand identity is what differentiates the American Cancer Society from the United Cancer Foundation.  One is a state-based organization that focuses on obtaining free screenings for those who can't afford it.  Isn't it important for potential donors, volunteers, and clients to know the difference?

AMW Marketing can provide the necessary guidance to make your non-profit's brand stand out.  Is your message consistent?

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