Mar 29, 2013

Making of a TV Series - Part 3

Today we taped our first show! The date came up suddenly but I felt as though I was prepared. I had written up my notes, rehearsed, met with my guest before the taping, and picked out an outfit. What I wasn't prepared for was the nervousness that would instantly creep up on me once the director gave me the signal for "action." Our first take lasted about 10 seconds before I lost my train of thought and had to start over. Thank God it wasn't a live program! Our second take went much better and we were able to tape straight through to the end. There were definitely a few hiccups throughout the program and a section that may need some work but all in all it went well. Not having seen anything yet, I have no idea how it will look once it's edited but my hope is that it won't be too bad.

If all goes well, my new program, named Cross Roads will air next week. It's rather nerve wracking waiting to see what transpires before it airs, but my hope is that there was some value conveyed during the process. My guest did really well and I was happy I chose a guest who I felt comfortable with. My goals for the show were to be able to offer something of value to viewers and to learn a new skill for myself. One thing is for sure, I was definitely out of my comfort zone today. My only hope is that it gets easier. I pray in time I become more polished and the information that is imparted is well received, interesting and inspirational.

The next show is in the works. Believe it or not, we plan to tape again in about two weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it goes more smoothly. More later....

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