Mar 30, 2010

Marketing in a Tough Economy II

#4) Outsource projects – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen an Executive Director sitting in a conference room stuffing envelopes. The thought process goes like this: “We can’t afford to hire a company to do this so I’d better pitch in and help. In three days, all of this mail will finally be gone and I can focus on my other work.” Wouldn’t it have been better to spend three days reviewing that grant proposal for $50,000 or meeting with a top donor than stuffing envelopes? Think about it. Sometimes saving a few dollars in the short term can really cost you in the long term. What other projects can be outsourced so you can spend valuable time on revenue generating tasks?

#5) Revamp your press strategy – Talking to the press to tell your story is often times one of the most under-utilized marketing activity a business uses. When was the last time you sat down and thought about what’s new in your business or organization? I’m sure there’s something interesting, local and new going on in your organization that the community or the world would like to hear about. Coming up with a good hook and pitching an idea to the media is a great, cost-effective way of communicating to your constituents. With a good imagination and some creativity you could save yourself hundred’s of dollars on marketing.

Bonus Tip #6!) Shop around – There’s never been a better time to get a deal. From printers to web developers and designers to consultants, everyone is looking for work. Spend some extra time researching vendors and getting quotes. You will never know how affordable some of these once extravagant services can now be.

Good luck saving some cash and best wishes on getting through the tough times!

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