Sep 9, 2010

Get inside your prospect's heart

Michael Fleischner, founder of, states that “marketing, if done correctly, helps us to define how we feel about a product.”

Why did you choose your cell phone? Did it provide services that you need? Do you NEED a phone to call, text, email, surf, take pictures, locate destinations, and calculate tips? Do you need a touch screen AND a keyboard? Or do you like the feel of the textured case, the color of the keys, the ringtones that sound more like a play list than a notification? Your cell phone provider knows the competition is fierce. If the TV ad or salesperson can convince you that your phone is a reflection of your level of coolness, a mind-altering communication experience, a secret advantage, an intimate relationship with the technical world… you will buy a top-of-the-line phone with all the accessories and service agreements to boot.

To market effectively, you have to get inside the head and heart of your potential client. What makes them tick? What do they really want? How do you want them to feel when they use your product or service? Dig deep. Who would have guessed deodorant could make you feel confident, or shampoo could make you feel beautiful? Fortunately for the marketing world, Americans want it all. They want to feel attractive but unique, interesting but accepted, exciting but safe. How can you help them reach those goals?

It’s not about manipulation, trickery or schemes. It’s about tapping into the reason your product or service is desirable for meeting the wants and needs of your potential customers or clients. It’s about stepping out of your business owner/operator shoes and stepping into your customers’ shoes. What do they do on a daily basis? What frustrations and aspirations do they have? What would make their life easier or add value to it?

How are you going to redefine your marketing approach today?

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