Jul 19, 2010

Efficient Marketing

Have you noticed how crazy marketing can get sometimes? Between answering the phone, writing emails, running to meetings and returning messages it’s a wonder anything gets done during the day.

As a self-employed marketing professional, I get hundreds of interruptions every day and it leaves me feeling stressed. It’s as though I did not accomplish one important thing that day! Is there anyone who feels the same way?

So what do you do? Some things that really help me through the frustration are:

Make a list. I know a lot of people are not big on “to do” lists but I find them very helpful. After jotting down on paper the important things I want to get done for the day, I feel free. I know I won’t forget what needs to get done and I can choose which items on my list I want to cross off first. Whether it’s writing a proposal for a client, paying invoices, putting an estimate together or sketching out a creative brief, I know that at the end of the day I can look back at my list and know there are a number of things I have accomplished.

Don’t answer every phone call. While I know it’s sometimes easier to pick up the phone and respond to an issue immediately (rather than play phone tag for days to come) often it just doesn’t pay. When I find I’m focused and in the moment, getting interrupted stops my train of thought and throws me off-track. Decide at the time if it makes more sense to entertain the interruption or to continue what you were doing.

Schedule meetings close together. I like to make sure I have certain days where meetings are not scheduled and I have entire days or blocks of time when I can get things done. If I have to run from client to client every day of the week, I’d never accomplish a thing.

Consider your routine. Are there things that you find you are doing that are time-wasters? Or do you do things during the day that inspire and energize you? Pay attention to what you do throughout the day and keep in mind which activities should stay and which could be eliminated. Begin a routine of motivating, energizing activities throughout the day to keep you moving forward.

I’m very interested in hearing how you get all your marketing tasks done. And, I’d love to learn more interesting ways of how to get through a difficult day. Thanks for sharing!

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